Grebe Lodge with it's winter frost covered roof.

Carp fishing winter conditions!

Birthday celebrations at Cherry Lakes!
Friday 5 November 2021

A much quieter time here at Cherry Lakes as the weather turns cold. That is except last weekend when Judith and I celebrated our 60th birthdays with a party in Cherry Lake House. We had about 70 family and friends for an afternoon get together (for those who had travelled a long distance) and a full on party in the evening lasting until the early hours. We certainly had a good time and I will admit to being a little 'groggy' for a couple of days afterwards.

I say our 60th truth I like to think about it more as Judith's party as she did turn 60 on Wednesday. I am still in my 50's for another two weeks!

I always enjoy this 18 day gap between our birthday's each year as Judith becomes a 'Cougar' and I become a 'toy-boy' during this period! This time is even better as Judith is now a 'decade' older!! I obviously have to 'milk this wind up' as it never lasts long! Indeed wait until she reads this!

Top rod this week on Cherry Lake has been John Petch who was fishing in the Cottage swim with Garry Marley. Fishing days only, John landed a Common of 22-08 and a Mirror of 27lb.

The rest of the anglers in the Lodges unfortunately all blanked. It is always a bad sign when i walk around early on a Monday/Friday morning to thank guests for coming to realise they left the night before! This week has seen a significant drop in the water temperature. The lakes have been 'boiling' each morning as the heat leaches out of the water. This morning (Friday) we had our first ground frost of the autumn. Our lodges do not normally have 'white roofs'! (see lead photo above).

I am however pleased to report that we can still see signs of Carp activity on Cherry Lake. They have not yet completely shut down. With the weather changing next week, and in particular with warmer nights, I am hopeful we shall still see a few more big Carp and captures before we get into winter 'proper'.

Martyn and Sharon Collinge are regular winter visitors to Cherry Lakes and are used to pacing themselves. This week Martyn has so far landed 6 Carp from Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. The biggest being a 29-07 Mirror. Well done Martyn in challenging conditions. Martyn did send me a good photo but for some reason I could not use it.

I shall be away for a couple of weeks, so apologies I will have to skip my regular weekly updates for a while and hopefully by then I will have a few more captures to write about.

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