Carp Talk Article: ‘Cherry’s on Top’.

Sunday 4 January 2015

We are delighted with the article on Cherry Lakes which has just appeared in this week’s Carp Talk. Titled ‘Cherry’s on Top’, this article is based angling journalist Paul Monkman’s visit to Cherry Lake with his colleague Ben Wales back in October.

From our perspective this was a dream visit, because they loved Cherry Lakes and our set up, a fact which was considerably helped by the fact that they both caught from Heron Lodge. The brace caught by Ben Wales over just 4 hours, was as good a anyone has ever had from Cherry Lake. The photos below, which feature in the article, speak for themselves.

Due to copy right restrictions we are unable to reproduce the 3 page article here for 90 days following publication. We are able to use this ‘low resolution teaser’ below, just in case you don’t read Carp Talk. Rest assured we will reproduce here the article in full as soon as we can!

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