Catch reports and a 55lb Carp for Mike.

Saturday 21 November 2015

It is becoming ever more difficult for me to report accurately what has been caught and where. This is partially due to the fact that with 4 lakes and often a minimum of seven anglers fishing across the complex, it is mainly due to my memory beginning to fade with age! I frequently get requests for a more fuller update on the smaller lakes which I struggle to do….. it is easier with Cherry Lake as fewer Carp get caught and I can see more easily what is going on.

So to help my memory and  provide more information to the many regular readers of these updates, we are introducing a ‘Catch Report’ form for all of our guests. We hope our guests will complete these, which of course will be voluntary. As always I will remain reliant on guests sending me photos.

I have had a couple of you ask me how I got on fishing in Thailand. So here goes.

We have just returned from Thailand, the first holiday Judith and I have had together for about 18 months. Somehow  I was able to persuade her to come with me to Gillhams fishing resort near Krabi for 3 days as part of our overall itinerary. It was after all  important ‘research’ for us. I am not sure she bought this argument, but bless her she agreed!

Well I had a good time. I always do at Gillhams. Gillhams is a very impressive place and very well run by Stuart and his family and team. The conditions were either very hot or heavy thunderstorms. Just like Cherry Lake you have to work at your fishing as it is no longer as easy as when I last visited 6 years ago. I was very pleased to land 4 Siamese Carp to 55lb and a lovely Amazon Red Tailed Catfish of 35lb.  Apologies if you thought I had landed a 55lb Carp but I could not resist the tease!  As neither of these were PB’s for me,  I have told Judith I will have to go and try again (and hopefully not in six years time) .

I hope you don’t mind indulging me again with the photos below but they are better than looking at forms!

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