Cherry Lake and Cherry Springs produce the ‘goods’

Friday 30 October 2015

It has been a good week on Cherry Lake with guests in all three Lodges reporting ‘Carp in the net’. Of the 9 Carp landed to Thursday afternoon 6 have been over 20lb, the largest being a beautiful 25lb Common to Greg Pollock fishing in Osprey Lodge followed by a Mirror and Common of 24lb..

Greg Pollock and Jim Hine fished in Osprey Lodge together and have landed 5 between them. I have picked out their best in the photos below. Jim Hine’s 20-06 Mirror is a real classic looking Carp. The guys used a bait boat to make the best of their water. White pop ups over small  beds of bait again seemed to do the trick.

Steve Keen fishing in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs was up to 15 Carp (mainly doubles) this afternoon, including this very impressive 18lb Mirror below. This particular Carp was stocked in November 2013 and has put on 8lb in two years. Given the stock levels in Cherry Springs, I am very pleased with this rate of growth. I was even more pleased to see that the damaged tail which it was stocked with has completely recovered.

It was also good to see one of the bigger Carp coming out. The bigger Carp have proved to be very illusive this summer. I suspect the winter will be the best time to target the bigger Carp. We remain convinced that there are at leat a half a dozen Carp which could beat the lake record of 26-08.

Steven Keen’s  second photo of the 12lb Mirror below is an example of a Carp which was ‘born’ in Cherry Spring. We have noticed a good number of high singles and low doubles, which we do not recognise from stockings, coming through this year. I look forward to our first home grown 20 from Cherry Springs in the next couple of years.!

With the weather forecast to stay mild for the next week we are looking forwards to seeing more fish on the bank.

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