Cherry Lake comes alive! Ghost of 29lb!

Friday 10 April 2015

Cherry Lake came alive this week with 13 Carp landed. There were so many Carp cruising and sunbathing, let alone leaping and rolling, that it appeared there were a lot more than the 235 Carp that we know are in the Lake!

I am pleased to report that all of our guests caught this week and left very happy. We even had a remarkable incident at 19.15 on Thursday evening when anglers in each of the three Lodges landed Carp almost simultaneously. I literally went from one Lodge to the next taking photos! Indeed the three pictures below are the three Carp landed. I think this is the first time this has happened at Cherry Lakes. Another good example of the fish switching onto the feed across the lake at the same time.

The biggest Carp of the week was landed by Luis Cooper in Osprey Lodge. He was also the top rod with 5 Carp landed during his stay. The 29-02 Ghost Mirror was also Luis’s PB Ghostie which he was delighted about. This particular Carp was last out at just over 29lb in 2014 and we hope to see it next out at the over the 30lb mark. Currently we have at least three Ghost Mirror and Common Carp that were last caught in the 28-00 to 29-12 weight range. The question is which one will break the magic 30lb+ mark first.

Stephen Cook landed 4 Carp in Grebe Lodge including two Mirrors of 24lb. All Stephen’s Carp came in the last two days after he decided to start using a Bait Boat to get to where the Carp were obviously feeding. Whilst Stephen may have caught the smallest of the three Carp pictured below, he certainly caught a very pretty one

Matt Smith in Heron Lodge also caught 4 Carp to 23lb. The 20-04 Carp below was his contribution to the three at once ‘collective trick’.

We continue to have several Lodges still available in April. If you fancy a last minute visit please call.

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