Cherry Lake is stocked with some new uncaught ‘crackers’

Saturday 13 December 2014

We have just introduced the first batch of the planned stocking this winter of some 30+ fish bringing the total stock in Cherry Lake to around 225 Carp. We are very excited by this first batch of fish  which  are bigger and more expensive than planned!

On Thursday we introduced some 16 Carp comprising of 3 twenties, 11 carp between 16-18lb and two of 14lb. Of these 4 Carp were Commons and 12 Mirrors. The fish were all very distinctive and attractive and at approx 4-5 years old they should have the ability to grow and put on a lot of weight in Cherry Lake over the next couple of years. It will certainly be interesting to see which is the first one to break 30lb+.

The stocked Carp were all in ‘cracking’ condition  and have never been caught before. They all appeared to swim off strongly. I have indulged myself with three photos below. I could have easily picked a further three which would have been equally attractive. They will all make an angler very happy one day. What do you think?

We expect one or two of these Carp to be caught over the next few weeks as they settle into their new environment. We also think they might spark a competitive reaction from the existing fish and get them feeding too.  Watch this space!

Weather permitting we should finish the stocking of Cherry Lake during January when we will be introducing a further c.20 Carp principally in the 10-15lb weight range. I will update you all when we do.

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