Cherry Lake produces it’s first thirty of the year.

Sunday 11 January 2015

We have had a very quiet start to the new year here at Cherry Lakes. At one level this has been good news as we are very busy around the complex on various activities such as tree work and planting, as well as the ongoing construction of the House and Lodges.

It is also a shame, because the Carp across both Cherry Lake and Cherry Springs have obviously got themselves into full winter mode and are now feeding on a reasonably regular basis. So far this year we have seen some 8 Carp caught out of Cherry Lake including this weekend a fabulous brace of Commons of 30-04 and 28-08. As you can see from the photo below the bigger Common is looking good and is the first thirty pound plus Carp out of Cherry Lake this year.

Last year twenty different anglers became members of the Cherry Lake 30+ club when they landed a 30+ Carp. Indeed some 6 of these anglers caught two or more Carp over this magic weight.

For what it is worth, based on my experience of winter Carp fishing, I think it always gets much better as we go through January with February being the best winter month of all ( assuming  normal weather and not prolonged freezing conditions). A combination of the Carp being fully used to the low water and increasingly responding to the light levels, I feel results in the Carp feeding most days. If they are feeding…….then they are catchable!

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