Costa Koureas. 46-05 R

Cherry Lake switches on big style! 14 different 30's in 4 days!

Running total for 2024YTD is 50 Carp over 30lb+ including 7 x 40lb+
Friday 31 May 2024

I don't know where to start. Over the last week the fishing has really picked up right across the complex. I may even, if I can find the time, cover each lake on it's own. I will begin with Cherry Lake.

It is now clear, as I suspected, that it was principally the younger Carp, and possibly males of all sizes, who got involved in the spawning activity earlier this month. The bigger females were not ready and I suspect will spawn when we next get a settled warm spell. Typically in the period (7-14 days) after spawning the fishing was a little slow, but that changed this week, big time!

In the last four days/nights the Carp fishing has become almost too easy. To be fair it has been picking up since last week. We have had over 30 Carp landed from Cherry Lake including 14 over 30lb to 46-05.

The contribution of all the anglers this week, means that our 30lb+ catalogue for 2024 stands at 43 different 30-40lb Carp plus a further 7 over 40lb+. And there are a lot more that have not yet been caught this year to come!

We have plenty of vacancies in June for Cherry Lake. Please contact us on if you want to chance your arm!

Costa Koureas. 39-09 R
Costa Koureas with a 39-09 Mirror from the Cherry Lake Cottage swim.

Costa Koureas returned this week to stay in Cherry Lake Cottage. It was particularly good to see Costa and his family return because last time he blanked! He certainly made up for it this time. Costa caught 5 Carp during his stay (and he was out with his family for much of the time). He caught 'Ruby' at 46-05 (see lead photo above) and three other 30's including this distinctive 39-09 Mirror immediately above. As you can see he was so pleased to catch his new PB, he got his family up! Great photo.

Steve Keene. 31-02 L
Steve Keen with a stunning Mirror of 31-02 from Osprey Lodge.

Top rod this week was Steve Keen who landed 11 Carp during his 4 night stay and this was despite losing several good fish at the net. He managed six different 30's in 11 Carp catch including several 34's. My favourite shot however was of this stunning Mirror of 31-02 above. Steve caught on both our Tangerine Squid and the new Banoffee boilies.

Paul Mitchell. 32-08 L
Paul Mitchell with a 32-08 Ghost Mirror from Grebe Lodge. A new 30+ Ghost Carp for us.

Paul Mitchell is another long term guest who returned to Grebe Lodge this week. As is sometimes the case after spawning, the younger Carp and male fish seemed to be more concentrated in his end of the lake. So far I think he has had 7 Carp including a Ghost Mirror of 32-08 and a lovely shaped Mirror of 28-04. The Ghost Carp is a new thirty plus for us and it is nice to see a new Ghostie coming through into these 'ranks'.

Paul Mitchell with a lovely shaped Mirror of 28-04. One for the future
Paul Mitchell with a lovely shaped Mirror of 28-04. One for the future

Teri Brebner and Lee Pearce returned to Heron Lodge this week. On arrival they sprung on us their news of having just got married and this was their 'honeymoon'! Well the Carp thought this was great and have certainly done their bit to make sure this was a memorable week! They have landed around 10 Carp including 4 thirties to 37-05. Teri's biggest being this 35-05 Ghost Mirror pictured below and held by 'husband' Lee.

Well done to all these regulars above. A great week. Apologies to the anglers who I have overlooked. I will try to increase the frequency of my updates.

Teri Brebner. 35-09 GM
Lee Pearce holding his wife Teri's biggest carp. A 35-05 Ghost Mirror
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