Cherry Lake switches on. ‘Catching not just fishing’!

Thursday 15 September 2016

After a difficult ten days or so during which the Cherry Lake Carp have been noticeable by their absence the lake has rebounded into action this week…….Big Style!

David Barter and his partner Tracey Davidson have led the way fishing in the Cottage swim. they have landed an amazing 14 carp including Common’s of 31-04 and 29-12. David was just 4oz short of an impressive brace of 30lb+ Commons! In landing ‘The Scuff’ common David becomes the newest member of the Cherry Lake 30+ club and his now wearing his Polo shirt with pride! Tracey’s biggest Carp was a 25-08. Well done to both David and Tracey.

After suffering a blank weekend, the fishing has also picked up sharply for Paul Sillence in Grebe who was particularly pleased with this 24lb Carp below, the biggest of his 3 Carp.

With a total of 21 Carp landed this week, following the last 10 days of just 4 on the bank, I will confess to being surprised by how quick the fishing conditions can change. We have gone from very quiet and difficult to almost easy. The real conclusions from this for me are

- When the fish are ‘on it’ they are very catchable (catching!), and when they are not, they are hard to catch (fishing!). Hence for most of the time we go ‘fishing’ and not ‘catching’!

- The Carp can switch on and off very quickly. So make ‘hay in the sunshine’  when they are on it, because there are plenty of times when they are not!

All of the smaller lakes continue to fish steadily and well with plenty of fish caught, with 20lb+ Carp reported by anglers from Cherry Spring and Cherry Mere. As always I am struggling with photos from these lakes.









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