David Whisker. 44-00 R

Cherry Lake switches on in the autumn gales

David Whisker lands 'Ruby' at 44-02
Wednesday 20 September 2023

Last week on Cherry Lake was slow going with anglers having to work hard for action. Lake record holder Liam Knight, managed 6 Carp during his session including two during the early hours of Monday. As he was leaving, he was bemoaning the fact that his holiday was one week early, as he felt sure that the Carp would switch on given the winds and rain that was forecast. He was so right!

In short, in the 48 hours since the Monday changeover, all Lodges and the Cottage have caught at least one Carp over 30lb+. The total, and it is only Wednesday afternoon as I write, is 7 Carp over 30lb, including one of 39-04 and Ruby at 44-02. Very nice indeed!

If you think you are missing out, don't worry we have a vacancy for next week in Heron Lodge (for Monday 25 to Friday 29th), so give me a call on 01285 869887.

David Whisker has been on his first visit to Cherry Lake this week and has been staying in Heron Lodge. So far he has landed a twenty, a 30-02 Common and the big Mirror known as 'Ruby' at 44-02, see the lead photo above. This is the first time we have seen Ruby this year. She is the 12th different Carp caught over 44lb this year. She was last caught by Gary Burton at the end of October last year at 47-02. Ruby picked up a wafter fished just off the near left hand side aerator, and smashed David's PB when she slid into his waiting landing net.

Paul Greenfield 39-04
Paul Greenfield was delighted with his new PB. This 39-04 Ghost Mirror Carp.

Paul Greenfield has been fishing from Grebe Lodge with his Dad Chris. It was Paul's turn to catch a real whacker when he landed this fantastic Ghost Mirror at 39-04. He also chose to fish close in, this time down to the left hand corner. This Mirror has appeared in my 2023 30+ catalogue before when she was caught by Lee Pearce at 40-06.

I will confess to be slightly disappointed with both Ruby's weight and the big Ghostie. Both have been caught at weights 3-4lb higher when caught in the late autumn last year. We might be guilty of not feeding enough, and will seek to address this whenever the conditions are right to do so.

Steve McCarthy. 32-04 R j
Steve McCarthy with his 32-04 Common from Osprey Lodge

Steve and Owen McCarthy have been staying in Osprey Lodge this week, on their first visit along with their friends the Greenfields (see above) who are staying next door in Grebe Lodge. They have been doing well with Son Owen catching 3 Carp so far, two 29's and a 28. Dad Steve has just landed his first Carp of the trip, a Common of 32-04. A PB for Steve.

This Common is an easy one to identify due to the 'scarring' on it's left flank. This Carp was last caught by Dave Wright in April at 31-08.

Darren Roberts. 33-04 L
Darren Roberts was also delighted with his new PB. This 33-04 Mirror from Cherry Lake Cottage.

Darren Roberts and Christopher Carpenter have also been on their first visit to Cherry Lakes and have been staying in Cherry Lake Cottage. Whilst they struggled to start with, both Christopher with a 33lb Mirror and Darren with a 28lb Common and this 33-04 Mirror pictured above, have both now caught new PB's. Both came from close in.

For those of you who are following the progress of my 2023 30+ catalogue, the numbers now stand at 79 different Carp landed over 30lb including 12 over 40lb.

Well doe to all the anglers above......and you all have a day or so left!

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