Andrew Panes. 37-12 R

Cherry Lake turns on

Four anglers share 10 different thirties in 3 days.
Friday 28 June 2024

How things can change so quickly. last weekend on Cherry Lake was very challenging. The lake only offered up three chances, with two being lost last weekend (!). I had to perform my 'walk of shame' on Sunday agreeing with anglers that it is 'called fishing and not catching' (always a bad sign when I revert to this line)'!

Things have certainly changed quickly because over the last 4 days four anglers have shared ten different thirties. The fish certainly look like they are on the feed and are enjoying the drop in pressure and temperatures.

The hot weather finally seemed to kick the fishing into gear earlier this week. Andrew Panes returned to Cherry Lakes and fished from Osprey Lodge. During his Monday to Friday stay he managed 4 Carp, including two cracking thirties of 37-12 and 36lb. The big Common came in at 36lb and is pictured below, and picked up Andrew's bait in the early afternoon when the sun and the temperature were at their highest. Absolutely this fish did seem to come straight out of the blue and when it was least expected.

Andrew went on to set a new PB, when he landed this fantastic looking Mirror of 37-12, pictured in the lead photo above.

Andrew panes. 36-01 R
Andrew Pane with a stunning 36lb Common caught in the early afternoon from Osprey Lodge.

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Samson Shaw. 36-04 R
Samson Shaw with his biggest, a 38-04 Mirror from Cherry lake Cottage.

Top rod this week was Samson Shaw who landed three thirties who was fishing in the Cherry Lake Cottage swim. His first Carp, a 34lb Common was caught on Monday night. His second Carp was this impressive looking Mirror of 38-04, pictured above. His third thirty was this fantastic linear pictured below of 32-04. What a real cracker! Both of these Carp were showing some damage from typical spawning style activity, suggesting they have recently spawned (they must have done this during the night as we had not seen them doing it?), during the recent warm weather.

Samson Shaw. 38-04 L
Samson Shaw with his 32-04 stunning Linear Mirror from Cherry Lake Cottage swim

I am aware that I have missed some good captures from both Cherry Lake and Cherry Mere. If I can catch up with the photos I will run them at a different date. My problem is two fold. Firstly my beautiful granddaughter is a complete time bandit and, secondly it's very hard to keep up with Simon Littmondon who is running our Facebook posts these days. Both of these combine to make me feel late and out of touch! So apologies if you are not featured here.

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