Cherry Lakes goes Green!

The two Ian's land over 20 Carp from Cherry Springs to 31lb
Sunday 5 February 2023

As trailed in an earlier post, Cherry Lakes is delighted to confirm that we have gone green! We believe Cherry Lakes will be at least carbon neutral over the course of the year following a significant investment in Solar Power. During the last week we have installed sufficient solar panels to cover 4 Lodge roofs.

The great thing is that the panels, which are black, are not too obvious on the black roofs, and should prove to be inconspicuous to our guests as they sit there quietly generating electricity. You can see what I mean in the photo above. Mind you the birds have already 'christened' some of the panels so at least they know they are there!

I am also pleased to report that our programme of renewing all of the trusses and fishing platforms on each of the Lodges has also almost finished. Egret Lodge will be finished this week. This has been a big job, and should ensure the decks etc are good for another 10 years. Enough to see me out as I will (hopefully) be over 70 by then!

With all big jobs etc finishing next week, I might even be getting my rods out soon!

Ian Taplin. 23lb Cherry Springs stunner
Ian Taplin with a stunning 23lb Cherry Mere Mirror

The two Ian's, Ian Blackwell and Ian Taplin, are both regular guests and both are good anglers. They regularly visit around this time of year and choose to fish from Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. They always do very well when they do so.

This weekend has been no exception. At the time of writing (Sunday mid-afternoon) the 'scores on the door, is 12 to Ian Blackwell and 9 to Ian Taplin. Amazing fishing at any time of the year, let alone the first week of February. By (stark) contrast, the anglers on Cherry Lake have really struggled. The last fish out of Cherry Lake was on Thursday when Paul Sparks had a brace to 28lb.

Ian Blackwell 24lb
Ian Blackwell with a 24lb Cherry Mere Common

Ian Taplin might be 'losing' in his match with Ian Blackwell, but he is ahead in the size of the Carp caught. Ian's biggest is the 31lb Mirror featured in the last photo below. He also caught the best looking Carp of the weekend when he landed this stunning 23lb Mirror pictured two above.

Ian Blackwell has so far landed 3 20.s+ in his catch of 12 Carp including this impressive Common of 24lb pictured immediately above.

Interestingly the 31lb Mirror did not feature in last year's catalogue for Cherry Mere. I suspect it was caught but I 'missed it'! It was caught at a similar weight in 2021 by Jason Booth. It is our first entry in the Cherry Mere 30's+ catalogue for 2023.

Well done guys on another great catch return.

Ian Taplin. 31 R
Ian taplin
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