Cherry Lakes stocking is now completed for the winter

Saturday 28 February 2015

As regular followers of Cherry Lakes are aware, we have been very busy this winter. As well as building the new Lodges; we have also been creating a new stock pond so that we can hand rear some of our own cracking Carp in the future.

For now though we need to buy in whenever we want to add to the stockings across Cherry Lakes. This winter though we have been adding to the Cherry Lakes stock through the addition of some cracking Carp. Almost all of the Carp sourced for Cherry Lake have been attractive lean fish with big frames which should thrive and grow quickly in the high quality environment of Cherry Lake.

The total Carp stock in Cherry Lake is now around 235 and this feels the right level for now. The vast majority of these, are over 15lb with less than 20 Carp between 10-15lb. We intend to increase the level of feeding this year commensurate with the increased stocking levels to ensure these Carp grow quickly and healthily.

With the increased level of competition amongst the Carp, particularly in the run up to spawning, anglers who fed heavily will almost certainly do well. The fish bought this year for Cherry Lake have all come from Andrew Ellis at AE Fisheries and have been fed almost exclusively for the last few years on our high dissolve pellet. Given the existing Carp already love this pellet, it sounds like a good reason to bait heavily with it, because as Andrew says you cannot in practice over feed with this pellet.

I have posted below a couple of typical photos from the last stocking just to whet your appetite!.

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