Cherry Lakes Videos

Tuesday 27 December 2016

We are delighted to announce that our new Cherry Lakes videos are now live and can be seen both through the website and on our YouTube channel. As some of you are aware these have been promised for a long time and due to a combination of high workloads for all of the people involved, the final live product has taken longer than expected! It is however great to see Cherry Lakes so ‘green and warm’ particularly now that we are in the depths of winter. I would like to thank Dominic Morgan who shot and edited most of the video clips along with Andrew Wells who provided the aerial photography.

There are three short videos which you might want to view. The first two, providing an introduction to the Cherry Lakes and the Lodges, and a look at Cherry Lake Cottage, are hosted by our own professional TV presenter! Judith proved to be a real natural and literally made each film almost on the first take. The video talking about fishing at Cherry Lakes was presented by a rank amateur, yours truely, and required multiple takes. My only excuse being it was early in the morning after a nights fishing! Mind you I thought I did fine whilst driving the ATV (as you can see no speaking was required!).

We very much hope these videos help bring to life some of the different elements of Cherry Lakes and are particularly helpful to prospective guests who have not been before, or for many of our guests who recommend us to their friends. We are regularly told that our website does not do full justice to the holiday experience offered by Cherry Lakes. We hope that by adding these videos the atmosphere, tranquility and beauty of Cherry Lakes is brought to life.

We hope you like what you see.

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