Cherry Mere Carp stocking is now finished

Saturday 15 November 2014

I am delighted to confirm that we have just completed the stocking of our new lake Cherry Mere. Cherry Mere with it’s new Pochard Lodge will open for the first time next April.

Today we added 55 cracking Carp ranging from 10lb to 18lb to the existing stock of 70 Carp taking the total of Carp over 10lb+ in Cherry Mere to 125.

We were delighted with the quality of these fish, which were either 4 or 5 summers old. The majority of the Carp stocked were Mirrors along with 10 Commons. I have picked two of these for the photos below. I could easily have picked another 10 fantastic looking fish to show you.

We expect the majority of these Carp to be twenties within two years as we will continue our on-going feeding programme which will supplement any feed anglers use.

Cherry Mere contains at least one thirty, a Common of around 33lb, at least ten 20′s and 100+ doubles. The 70 existing Carp have enjoyed a year of peace and quiet, with no angling and being fed every day. We are looking forwards to seeing how much they have grown.

We think 125 Carp in a water of around 1 acre is about right. Once the initial ‘easy burst’ in April and May is over, the fishing on this lake should settle down and prove to be a productive lake for most anglers who fish it.

We plan to introduce around 100 Crucian Carp and Tench to provide anglers an alternative to the Carp and in particular for those anglers who enjoy a ‘bit of float fishing’.

Pochard Lodge, which will be our largest Lodge and has two double bedrooms will formally open on Good Friday April 3 2015.

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