Cherry Mere on form!

Friday 3 November 2017

I will start this update on Cherry Mere this week. As you can see Andy Rushton and Keith Waddington had a very successful stay, despite the falling temperatures. They shared some 21 Carp between them some real beauties including a fabulous 18lb Ghost Common and a 26-08 Mirror pictured below.

They used a range of baits, principally boilies and pellets, with the 26-08 Mirror coming on anchored crust about 18″ below the surface. I have to take my ‘hat off’ to Keith for even daring to try this in November…..he was well rewarded with his new PB! Well done guys!

The Cherry Lake anglers all managed at least one Carp each. Cherry Springs was also relatively slow which I think shows how well the lads did on Cherry Mere

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