Cherry Mere produces 30 Carp in a weekend!

Monday 30 April 2018

A tough weekend across the complex with some freezing weather. A cold northerly adding to the cooling of the water with the Carp responding as they normally do when water temperatures suddenly fall…..they go off the feed! I keep saying it, but the forecast is good from this weekend. Hopefully Spring is really here this time.

The exception to the general slowness this weekend has been Cherry Mere, where Keith Barrick and John Oliver shared a 30 Carp bonanza including 5 over twenty pounds. I believe John just pipped Keith with a score of 16-14. He also caught four twenties including the 22lb Ghost Common pictured below. The successful tactic was to avoid the margins, which are normally productive, but to feed quite heavily with boilies (throwing stick/catapult) in the middle.

Cherry Lake was hard going given the sharp drop in temperatures and cold winds with just 4 Carp landed to 28lb and several lost. Cherry Springs was not much better with 4 Carp to regular James Hine to 17lb.

Cherry Mere has been our most productive and consistent lake throughout the winter and Spring so far. I think this is largely down to the Carp stocks, but also because the lake is very sheltered from cold winds. Cherry Mere is always worth a go.

May is looking quieter this year than last. I am sure this is down to the weather rather than our new availability calendar. We have the following currently available in May. So with the weather promising at last to pick up and if you are getting desperate for some warmer weather and to get your rods out…..give us a call on 01285 869887

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