Cherry Mere settles down whilst Cherry Spring is on fire!

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Mark Worsley and his family stayed in our new Pochard Lodge this weekend and were highly complimentary about our super new Lodge and the extra room it has, as well as Cherry Lakes in general. He was also very complimentary about the fishing and enjoyed fishing on the artifical grass platform of Pochard Lodge! The fishing on Cherry Mere seems to have settled down now after the mad predictable rush of the first few weeks. It is proving as planned to be generally easier to catch Carp from Cherry Mere than Cherry Lake but not as prolific as either Cherry Springs (Kingfisher Lodge) or Cherry Pool (Egret Lodge). Mark caught six Carp all of which were doubles and were in very good condition including these three fish below, Mirrors of 21lb and 19lb, and a Common of 19lb. He was very pleased with his holiday break and looks forward to trying one of the other Lodges, next time just with his wife, later in the year. Allen Long had a fabulous week in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. Over the course of his holiday week he landed some 33 Carp to 15-08. He was unlucky to catch so many without landing at least one of the bigger fish, but with circa 450 Carp in the lake it is hard to be selective! Well done Allen. Cherry Lake continues to be a little slow although the anglers in Grebe and Osprey both caught.The fish are mainly stacked up in front of the house and are largely out of reach of anglers fishing in Heron Lodge (particularly if they dont use a Bait Boat). The Carp are certainly not put off by the noise coming from the house as we (hopefully) move to the end of the house build. With the Cottage re-opening in May, and all the Lodges in action most of the time (April has been relatively quiet), I am expecting the fish to move about a lot more and as a result some of the bigger fish will ‘trip up’ and find their way into anglers landing nets. Whilst I love seeing 30lb+ Carp in the water, they sometimes look even better when lying in a Carp Cradle!

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