25-08 R

Cherry Pool beauties

Cameron Brannaghan bags our 12th different 30+ of the year
Friday 23 February 2024

Fishery manager Dave has been taking advantage of a fairly quiet Cherry Lakes and the continuing mild February weather to get his rods out and bag several Cherry Pool beauties.

I so love this heavily scaled 25-08 Mirror that we have published photos of both sides.

25-08 L
Fishery manager Dave with a Cherry Pool absolute stunner

Dave has had five other Cherry Pool Carp this week including this 24-08 Mirror below, which I understand gave Dave a real scrap. Having seen the quality of these Carp I am tempted to give Cherry Pool a go myself (that's if Dave lets me on!!).

Successful tactics for Dave were high visibility pop ups over pellets lightly soaked in a sweet smelling attractor.

24-08 L
Dave with another Cherry Pool cracker. This Mirror weighed in at 24-08

Regular Cameron Brannaghan nipped in for some fishing this week and was glad he made the effort. As Cameron lives fairly close (he plays for Oxford FC), he is able to juggle the demands on his time (training and playing) and when his schedule falls favourably, he checks our on-line availability calendar and calls me to agree a short stay.

Given a much lower level of occupancy during the winter months, it is always easier for us to accommodate short term more flexible visits, than when we are busier and need to stick to the Monday to Friday and Friday to Monday booking periods. So if you fancy a last minute visit and we have availability, call me and we will help when we can.

32-08 R
This 32-08 Mirror caught by Cameron at 02.30

Cameron is a very good angler and almost always catches whatever the winter weather is. This time he landed two Carp, the biggest came at 02.30 and weighed in at 32-08 and became the 12th different 30+ Carp to feature in this years catalogue.

He also landed this beautiful young Ghost Common of 15-10. Cameron's message to me sums it up ''Cracking Mike, these younger Carp in here are special''. Another one of our Cherry Lake Carp that I would like to catch one day.

As regular followers of these updates know, we breed our own Carp onsite, and we hand-pick the best of these which we selectively move into Cherry lake. This would be one of these home-grown Carp.

15-10 R
Cameron Brannaghan with a stunning Ghost Common of 15-10
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