Cherry Pool turns on for Luke Williams

Thursday 22 October 2015

I often get comments from guests that I do not post much news about Cherry Pool and it’s Egret Lodge. In truth this is often because the guests do not let me have any photos or provide the detail. I am pleased to say that thanks to Luke Williams I am able to do a post just on Cherry Pool this week.

Cherry Pool is our fantastic mixed fishery. Recently it has been producing a lot of Roach and Perch  to 2lb+ along with Bream to 8lb. In fact this week, Malcolm Williams caught several Perch over 2lb to 2-08 (sorry no photos of these). The Carp however have not been getting caught as much as normal.

This has probably been down to the recent run of high pressure which has slowed down most of the lakes in the Cotswolds, It might also reflect the fact that the Carp are regularly fed which accounts for the good condition of all of the fish in the Cherry Pool but may make them less easy than the past,  and/or  it might have been down to the Carp feeding more on naturals and spending a lot of their time in the reeds. Some of the Carp inspected certainly had black mouths suggesting they had been feeding hard in the silt.

Luke Williams who has been fishing alongside his Grandad Malcolm was struggling until Fishery Manager Dave suggested using a Bait boat and fishing very close to the Reeds (typically in 2-3 feet of water).  Well this has certainly done the trick, as over the last 36 hours they have landed 16 Carp, all doubles between 17-08 and 10-08. The action has at times been so hectic they they had double takes.

The photo below of Malcolm and Luke posing with two of the Carp resulting from a double take is definitely one of my favourites of the year. The fact one of these Carp is a very distinctive Ghostie is just the ‘icing on the cake’ as far as I am concerned. I have also indulged myself in including four other photos because they reflect well the variety of the Carp in Cherry Pool. Well done to Luke and Malcolm.

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