Cherry Pool's re-stocking is almost complete

We expect fantastic fishing for all on Cherry Pool in 2023+
Sunday 12 February 2023

I have flagged up a number of times over the last year that we have been working to change Cherry pool into a Carp lake more along the lines of the popular Cherry Springs and Cherry Mere.

We spent a lot of time during the autumn progressively removing the Bream, and we are now confident that the vast majority of the Bream have been removed. This was important to reduce some of the biomass, as well as hopefully ensuring that the increased levels of feed which we are giving this lake in 2023 and beyond is benefitting the Carp rather than Bream!

I have been updating the Cherry Pool fishing page over the last few months to reflect the transition which we have been going through, and including some photos of some of the new bigger Carp which we have been stocking into the lake. However I am aware that most of our past guests, and many prospective guests, do not read these website pages. Hence this update.

Mike with a 30-04 Common stocked into Cherry Pool in January 23

With the exception of a few 'lower twenties', we have now largely completed our restocking of this lake for this winter. We have achieved our goal of introducing 3 Carp over 30lb. The biggest being the 32lb Mirror held by Lee Pearce in the main photo above, as well as Mirrors of 30lb and this 30-04 Common held by myself below. We have stocked a further 5 Carp over 25lb including several 28lb+ Mirrors and Commons along with a 25lb linear Ghost Carp.

Fishery manager Dave Bowen with an impressive  28lb Mirror  stocked into Cherry Pool in January 2023
Fishery manager with an impressive Cherry Pool Mirror of 28lb+

Cherry Pool already contains a very large stock (up to 300) of Carp. Most of these are low to mid-doubles with probably 10-15 low 20's. Going forwards the increased levels of feed should result in many of these Carp increasing in weight. If we do not see the expected increase in weights, we might remove some of the older and smaller Carp.

Having said that, we want Cherry Pool to remain the closest lake we have to being a 'runs' water. We expect most anglers to catch Carp in most conditions, which has been the case over the last few years. The difference going forwards is that they will have a realistic chance of also catching a big 20lb+ or even a 30lb+ Carp.

25 L
Fishery manager Dave with a 25lb+ Cherry Pool Ghost carp

As before Cherry Pool will have the 'most mixed fishing' of all the exclusive lakes. With Crucian carp to 4lb+, Roach to 2lb+, Tench to 7lb+, Perch to 3lb+ and a few Rudd, there are plenty of quality specimens from other species to catch on float tackle by those guests who want to float fish whilst waiting for a run on their Carp rods. We also have some easy to see, but harder to catch, Koi including this one below of 20lb being caught by Malcolm Williams

Malcolm Williams a 20lb Koi Carp from Cherrry Pool making a rare visit to the bank.
Malcolm Williams a 20lb Koi Carp from Cherry Pool making a rare visit to the bank.
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