Cherry Springs '£300 for a 30' promotion until the end of February.

Get £300 off a future visit when you catch a thirty+. £600 if you are really lucky!
Friday 12 January 2024

The cold of the last few days with several hard frosts and a cold northerly, has meant that the fishing for the few hardy souls here in early January has been difficult. Even Dave Shaw in Pochard Lodge struggled. After caching 10 Carp including 4 x twenties plus a new thirty for the lake, a lovely 30-04 Mirror (see last update for details), his last couple of days were blanks.

We are very pleased with the swim extension to Kingfisher Lodge. Having seen an area of grass bank transformed into a new swim, we are wondering why we did not do this year's ago! The extension of the fishing platform, coupled with a hard coppicing of the lake's Crack Willows', makes the lake look much bigger. Both the lake and fishing area can now comfortably accommodate for the first time 3 anglers. Indeed I can imagine a group of 3 anglers, where all three anglers will be 'fighting' to be in the bivvy rather than in the Lodge!

Perry Walton. 37-00 L
If you better Perry Walton's 37lb Mirror caught last April, you win a £600 voucher!

The largest bivvies available will comfortably fit within the barked area of the swim (clean and comfortable). We have also added some steps and a gap in the newly replaced balustrades to enable easy access to the Lodge. We are now looking forward to the first guest using the new bivvy swim in anger!

The new bivvy swim extension can be accessed directly fom Kingfisher Lodge

Cherry Springs is well stocked with around 300 Carp. These Carp have been steadily putting on weight and we estimate about 60 carp (up to 1 in 5 are above 20lb+). In 2023 7 different Carp over 30lb+ were recorded in my 30+ catalogue. The biggest of these was the new lake record, a 37lb Mirror pictured above, and caught by Perry Walton last April Indeed Perry amazingly recorded 3 different 30's on the same day!

Given Cherry Springs is a lake of 1.5 acres, and with this stocking density and quality of Carp, it is always a good bet for some winter action. After all the Carp by definition cannot be too far from the angler, and all areas of the lake can be reached form the Lodge fishing platform .

Martyn Collinge. 30-01 L.JPG
Martyn Collinge with a November caught 30-10 Cherry Springs Mirror

Looking at the diary for the until the end of February, we only have 3 anglers fishing the lake. A shame because Cherry Springs has a good winter fishing especially as we are now approaching mid-January. So to encourage anglers to visit and give us a chance to show off our new creation, we will be running our '£300 for a 30' promotion until the end of February.

Simply put, any angler who catches a 30lb+ Carp from Cherry Springs in January or February 2024 will receive a £300 voucher to be used against a future booking across Cherry Lakes. The only condition is that the Carp needs to be weighed and photographed by one of the Cherry Lakes team.

If any angler catches a Carp bigger than 37lb to set a new lake record, then they will receive a voucher for £600. These vouchers must be used by the end of 2024.

So what are you waiting for? Why not check the on-line reservation calendar and book yourself in. Who knows you might get doubly lucky!

Perry Walton. 30-04 L
Perry Walton with a 30-04 Cherry Springs Common
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