Cherry Springs belated update

Thursday 12 March 2015

As regular followers of my updates know, we have been very busy at Cherry Lakes, and I have had to go back to work to help pay for some of it!  As a result I have been remiss with my updates. Indeed this week I got a friendly nudge from Shaun Nunns who had a great visit to Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs during the February half term break.Hence this belated update from February

Despite the weather which was cold in February, and at times fishing with Liam Wylde, he caught 10 Carp in some difficult conditions. He certainly proved that Cherry Springs is a good winter water. Indeed I do not remember anyone blanking on Cherry Springs this winter and have even had Carp caught in the snow!

The first photo clearly shows the Carp feed in the frost and the second two very happy Carpers! Well done Shaun and Liam

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