Cherry Springs turns on for Luke

Friday 19 December 2014

Cherry Springs has been very quiet for the last few weeks and has barely been fished. Unusually for Cherry Springs the water had gone very clear. The frost of the last few weeks had clearly knocked the Carp off the feed.

The big winds of this week has ‘woken’ the Carp up. The water is back being coloured, the Carp are fizzing and as Luke Williams found out are back enjoying boilies again! Over the last 48 hours Luke managed 4 Carp including this beauty of 18lb below.

I was pleased to hear fishery manager describe this Carp as looking very healthy and well fed. It is typical of many of the Carp in Cherry Springs which have obviously done well this year and have put on a lot of weight. Indeed I think in 2015 we will see an increasing number of 20lb+ fish being reported.

Cherry Lake is quiet with no anglers fishing this week. The Carp have also become more active over the last couple of days. It is a shame no one has been here to land one!

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