Darren Rouse's birthday treat highlight was this 28lb Cherry Springs Mirror Carp.

Cherry Springs: Two 30 pluses

A birthday surprise and a new 30lb+ Carp!
Monday 22 April 2019

Two anglers have had a great visit to Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs over the last week and so I will concentrate this latest news update on them.

Darren Rouse had a birthday surprise from his wife Michelle, when she booked them into Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs for his 30th birthday (the first of two 30's in this report!) over the Easter weekend. It turned out to be a great present.....both the Carp fishing and the hot weather has been fabulous. With the hot weather and high pressure the Cherry Springs Carp have been busily sunbathing this week. At times I swear you could almost use them as stepping stones across the lake. There were that many of them!

In between sunbathing, Darren managed 21 Carp, of which 3 were 20lb+, and just one being a single at 9lb. The rest were doubles as this list written in the Kingfisher Lodge guest book shows

Darren Rouse catch list
Darren Rouse's catch list is evidence of a great 30th birthday surprise.

Darren said the Carp were all in very good condition and most of them fought hard all the way to the net. The biggest Carp of his stay was this night caught Mirror of 28lb. See picture above. He also had a night caught Common of 20-05 (pictured below) and a Mirror of 21lb. He used a Bait-boat to locate several productive marks towards the far bank. By returning to the same position, he built the swims up. 21 Carp is evidence that he got it right. Well done Darren.

Darren Rouse with a 20-08 Cherry Springs Common.

Michael Gould stayed in Kingfisher Lodge last week leaving on Good Friday. Despite the very recent hard frosts and the warm weather not arriving until Wednesday, Michael managed ( Carp, all over 12lb's including a 20lb Mirror and a new PB of 30-02 which he was understandably absolutely delighted with. The majority of these Carp were caught on pop-ups fished close to the far bank.

Michael Gould with his 30-02 Cherry Springs Mirror.jpg
Michael Gould with his new PB. A 30-02 Cherry Springs Mirror

As you can see from the picture below, Michael's Mirror had a thick set of shoulders as well as a good frame and looks every bit a good 30. This is the second different 30lb+ Carp caught from Cherry Springs in the last 6 months, and shows that the Carp are steadily growing despite the high stock density. I have also included a photo of Steve Keen with the current Cherry Springs lake record holder caught last October at 30-12.

A thick set of shoulders. You can see why it was so heavy!
A thick set of shoulders. You can see why it was so heavy!
Steve Keen with his new Cherry Springs Lake record, a 30-12
Steve Keen with the lake record caught October 18 at 30-12

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