Chris Hughes is a record breaking superstar!

Thursday 4 February 2016

Our good friends Chris and Linn Hughes have been staying in Heron Lodge this week and have had a wonderful time. Chris has had his Cherry Lakes visit of a lifetime (I guess there is a challenge to Chris here). Despite this being only the first week of February, Chris has set a new record for captures in one four day visit from Cherry Lake.

Chris, who is a good angler, had twenty one chances and landed 20 Carp. Linn, Chris’s wife, kindly sent me through the list of his captures which, because it so clearly speaks for itself,  I have simply reproduced below:-

Monday 2pm ghost mirror 281/2 common 21.2

5pm mirror 14.1

Tuesday 9am mirror 19.12

11am mirror 19.4

11.30am mirror 16.12

2.30pm mirror 21.12

3.30pm mirror 21.3

4.15pm mirror 13.11

4.30pm mirror 27.4

7.15pm common 21.4

8.15pm common 1.8

10.00pm mirror 28.12

Wednesday 7.30am mirror 32.4

9.00am mirror 15.1

11.45am common 23.4

2.45pm mirror 24.0

4.30pm mirror 24.3

Thursday 2.00pm mirror 32.0

2.45pm mirror 28.12.

Chris had two thirties (32-08 and 32-04), the first thirties of the year, and by doing so joined the Cherry Lakes 30+ club. He had four upper 20′s and a further 7 20′s. Of the 20 carp he caught 13 were above 20lb’s. Most of these Carp were in tip top condition and looked great in their winter colours. The 28-12 Mirror pictured below is particularly stunning.

Chris caught almost all of his Carp (seventeen out of twenty) during the day and most came from one area approx 70 yards out in front of Heron. Chris simply kept the bait going in and the Carp kept responding. The strong warming winds at the weekend, which because they created strong under-tows, obviously warmed the lake up and encouraged the Carp to go on the feed. A good number of Chris’s Carp had leeches on them suggesting they had been recently lying up.

Chris’s first thirty,  at 32-08, is the ‘Xmas message’ Carp caught by Trevor Henshaw last May at 34-08. It will be interesting to see what she weighs if she comes out again in the spring.  The second thirty, a Mirror at 32-04, is a new 30+ for Cherry Lake. needless to say we are delighted with this.

Well done Chris, outstanding!

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