Chris Hughes pops in to land six from Cherry Lake

Thursday 10 December 2015

With nobody booked onto any of our four lakes at Cherry Lakes it was good to hear from one of my old friends, Chris Hughes,  who decided to pay us a visit. We are both glad he did.

Chris, fishing from Heron Lodge landed some 6 Carp in a 48 hour spell. His catch included three Carp over 20lb including ‘Small Tail’ below at 28-08. This is an impressive looking Carp (which I have to say looked as if she we go over 30lb) with an unusually small tail…..hence her name. Chris used a range of small baits including the little ones that wriggle!

Chris also landed two of our newly stocked top quality Carp. We stocked some 12 new Carp into Cherry Lake between 12 and 20lb bringing the stock up to around 250. These Carp are all highly distinctive and have been selected as the fastest growing Carp of their year group. The Carp below, which I think is stunning, weighed 13-08 and is not yet four years old. Chis said it was one of the best looking Carp he had ever caught and was delighted with it. Just imagine what she will look like in two years time as a 20lb+ fish!

With the weather remaining so good, I managed to sneak onto Cherry Springs for a day and managed two. Both came to Special Red 10mm boilies critically balanced.

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