Chris Hughes sets a new Cherry Lake Ghost Carp record.

Thursday 30 March 2017

Our good friends the Hughes’s took up our invitation to come for a quick trip on the basis we were not full and Chris is so pleased he did. Chris Hughes and his wife Linn are regulars at Cherry Lakes, particularly through the winter. This year, like most anglers he has struggled and has had two blank trips. This did not put him off as he has done well in the past and this time he most certainly did not blank!

Chris stayed in Heron Lodge and principally fished with maggots and pellets as previously recommended here. He caught an amazing tally of 14 Carp of which 12 were over 20lb. Indeed every Carp he caught up to number 10 was a twenty plus. His average was only broken by a 33-08 fish!

I don’t normally do this, but I thought I would list the Carp, the details of which are taken from his notebook. All of the Carp caught were landed during the day unless indicated:-

20-12 Mirror (night); 23lb Mirror (night); 20-04 Mirror; 24-12 Mirror; 20-08 Common (night); 21-12 Common (night); 21-04 Common; 26-08 Mirror; 33-08 Ghost Mirror; 21lb Mirror; 15-08 Mirror; 17lb Mirror; 24-08 Common; 20-04 Mirror. And he still has one night to go!

I think this is a very good average and consistent with our belief that of the 250 larger Carp in Cherry Lake over 150 of them are 20lb+, as well as the c15 30′s.

The Ghost Mirror of 33-08 sets a new Ghost Carp record for Cherry Lake. This particular Ghost Carp was last caught by Neil Goodman in June 2016 at 32-10. Ken O Connor caught her at 30-02 in May 2015. So I guess you can see she is growing steadily and may even be a pound or two heavier by spawning time. The Ghost Mirror is also a new PB for Chris.

Chris caught some cracking Carp most of which I cannot publish here. Both Chris and Dave reported that the Carp were all in great condition (typically as I have been working away this week I missed seeing them in the flesh!). I have though included a couple, one of the 26-08 Linear Mirror and a lovely 24-08 Common. Well done Chris! See you soon!

Amazingly with the fishing so good, Heron Lodge is available this weekend, commencing Friday. If you fancy your chances in the ‘hot Lodge’, give us a call for a late special on 01285 869887.

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