Chris Taylor joins the 30+ club with a new thirty from Cherry Lake

Sunday 17 July 2016

Chris Taylor became  the latest member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club when he caught this fabulous 33-08 Mirror last week from Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake.

Chris was on his first visit to Cherry Lake and said on arrival that he was targeting a 30. Amazingly his very first take in the early hours of last Tuesday was  the thirty. Disappointingly the shots taken on his I-Phone were poor and he only had one shot on the camera which we have been able to use.

Dave and I are convinced this Carp is a new thirty (it is always easier when you have photos of both sides to be sure) and it is a fish which is rarely caught and also fast growing. As far as we can tell she has not been out for several years. Given this time of the year is when the Carp weights are at their lowest, and Chris confirmed this Carp was rather ‘hollow’, we are delighted that she weighed so much. It would be great to see her again in November.

Chris went on to catch a further 5 other carp including this good looking fully scaled Mirror of 21-04 also pictured below. Well done Chris.


Chris Taylor joins the Cherry Lake 30+ club with this 33-08 Mirror from Grebe Lodge

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