Cold but satisfying!

Friday 29 April 2016

In December we were sitting outside in our ‘T-shirts’, this week we have had snow, hail and frosts. It has been so unseasonably cold that ‘Brass Monkeys’ have been seen!! Simply mad!

Despite the cold I am delighted (or is it relieved) to report that all of our guests this week have caught. Indeed we had carp to over 20lb caught from Cherry Lake, Cherry Springs and Cherry Mere.











 The biggest Carp caught this week was a 26-02 Mirror caught by one of our regulars, Graham Barker, in Heron Lodge. Mind you he had to wait until Friday morning to get his chance. Special Red did the trick! This was a Cherry Lakes PB for Graham. I hope he can join the 30+ club on his next visit!

Mind you, he should have been beaten by Andrew Fincham who was fishing from Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. Andrew was very unfortunate to loose a ‘massive Common’ at the net. Now given that Andrew had already caught two 20+ Carp to 24lb (see photo below) and obviously knew what he was talking about, we are confident that Andrew lost the big Common which is the lake record holder. This Carp was last out at 32lb. What a shame for Andrew and us, as we would really like to know how big she is now.  From memory I think he caught around 10 in total.

Alan Drane and Stuart Hemsley fishing in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Spring, landed 10 Carp between them, including this cracking 23lb Mirror to Alan pictured below. A good result in the conditions.

Gavin Price and Richard Wilton also caught three from the Cottage including two of 24lb and 24-08. Richard Harrison fishing with his Grandfather John Foy in Grebe Lodge managed his PB, a classic looking Mirror of 23-06. They were both delighted.

The great thing for me was that all of our guests said to me that despite the cold and disappointing weather that they would return. Indeed I think the benefit of being able to stay in a  nice warm and dry Lodge really came through this week!

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