David Carter was very pleased with this heavily scaled Cherry Lake Mirror of 23lb from the Cottage swim..jpg

Cottage springs into life!

Sunday 3 March 2019

I am relieved that the weather has changed and that we have been getting some wind and rain this weekend. I cannot remember such a long period, particularly in winter where we have had so little wind! Whilst we have enjoyed the mild record breaking days of the last couple of weeks, I am not sure the Carp in Cherry Lake have been so keen on the bright still days, cold frosty nights and misty mornings! I think (hope) the Carp are about to get going properly….although Judith keeps reminding me that it is still early in the year and I am just being impatient.

We have seen the odd Carp start to show this weekend as well as some signs of feeding…..which is a real improvement on the last 10 days. David Carter has been staying in the Cottage this weekend, braving the elements from his bivvy, and has been in the right place to take advantage of the change.So far he has had a lovely heavily scaled Mirror of 23lb as well as disappointingly losing one. With the warm south westerly wind blowing down the lake into the house bank, he is well placed to benefit from another pick up or two. I hope to be asked to take some more photos!

Talking about the Cottage, as regular followers of my updates will know, we upgraded the main bathroom during January. Judith has been regularly ‘reminding me’ that I have not published any photos of the new bathroom or indeed the kitchen which we upgraded last winter. So for a peaceful life I have included a few shots below of our recent Cottage upgrades. I don’t think though that I could get a job as an ‘estate agent’ photographer!

I am looking forwards to publishing photos of the first thirty of the year and it will be interesting to see which one it is. With 27 different Cherry Lake Carp over 30lb caught last year to choose from  I should run a sweep-stake!  Dave and I have a little side bet. My money is on ‘The Patch’ which was caught last March by Steve Shepherd (see below). I expect this time he will be over 40lb+.

The Cottage kitchen
The Cottage kitchen was upgraded in January 18
The new Cottage main bathroom
The new Cottage main bathroom.
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