Dan Greenland lands the two tone Common at 24-04

Sunday 2 April 2017

The fishing has slowed down a little on Cherry Lake this weekend with a more normal 3 Carp landed to date. The pick of these has been Dan Greenland’s two tone Common which came out to him at 24-04 whilst fishing from Grebe Lodge. Sweetcorn in the corner did the trick for Dan.

The two-tone Common is down from her June 2015 weight when Wayne Whithead had her at 26-08. I am sure she visited the bank at least once in 2016 but I cannot find the photo! Given she appears to be fluctuating around the mid-twenties I don’t think she is destined to be our first two tone thirty, but you never know!

Cherry Springs has proved to be a little slow with just a few carp being caught. very frustrating for the angler concerned as the fish could be clearly seen in the bright sunlight both mooching around the margins and sunbathing in open water.

We are now entering our busier period, so I hope to be able to give a fuller update on all of the lakes in future. This will also be much easier for me to do as I will be  at home a lot more often.

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