Dan Phelan lands a 31lb Cherry Lake Common

Monday 18 September 2017

Cherry Lake, along with our other lakes slowed down this weekend. The cold nights and a sharp northerly wind get the fish a real wake up call with quite a sharp drop in temperatures. As a result most anglers have struggled.

Dan Phelan fishing from Osprey Lodge saved us from a blank weekend on Cherry Lake. Dan was on his second visit to Cherry Lake this year having raised his PB to 26lb on his first visit. Fishing close to the far bank, Dan went even further this time when he raised his PB even higher with this 31-00 Carp below. Well done Dan on joining the Cherry Lake 30+ club!

Unfortunately in the excitement Dan did not get a chance to call me (which from my perspective was very frustrating as I was nearby), which is  a real shame for Dan as the photos are not great. However after studying and enlarging them on the computer, I am very pleased to report that this is another different 30lb+ fish. This brings the total of 15 different Carp which have been landed in 2017 over 30lb.  If you are interested you can see these on the reception wall when you visit.

Some of you will recollect me saying in a recent post that we were hoping to see some of the Commons which we know are over 30lb, but have evaded capture so far this year. Well this is one of them. I am looking forwards to seeing some others. If we have a mild Autumn, and the Carp keep feeding, I am hoping that we can hit the 20 different Carp caught over 30lb for the year. I can think of at least 4 that are not yet on the ‘reception wall’ and that is without any of the bigger twenties coming through. Fingers crossed!

Amazingly Cherry Lake has produced 7 Carp over 30lb in the last 9 days. With the weather warming up from Wednesday, we are expecting the big Carp to be back on the feed. We still have a cancellation space on Cherry Lake for this weekend (22-25 September). If you fancy it, you can get a great deal, so give us a call on 01285 869887

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