Dave and Martin’s Holiday bliss

Saturday 30 September 2017

I thought i would concentrate this update on two of this week’s guests who have done extremely well fishing wise and had a great holiday break.

Dave Smalley fished in Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake last week. His first visit to Cherry Lakes. Dave applied himself well and quickly worked out where the Carp were feeding. He also chose to use our Cherry Lakes Mixed Fruit Delight boilies fished over some pellets and sweetcorn. In total Dave landed 6 Carp including four twenties to (I think) 25-08 and i have picked two of them below.

Martin Eagle and his wife Suzanne are regular guests and spent this week in Pochard Lodge. So far, and he has still got 36 hours to go, he has landed 26 Carp including 16 doubles and three 20′s to 22lb. I have picked out his best photo of a cracking 18lb Mirror below.

Well done to both Dave and Martin.

All of the complex lakes are producing well and I am hoping for good things throughout October, particularly as the two week forecast until mid-October looks good.

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