Dave Godwin’s 31-00 Common is fish-in’s best!

Friday 14 April 2017

James Hine is getting married this summer and thought he would organise a ‘stag do fish-in’ at Cherry Lake for him and a few friends. James fished with Greg Pollock in Osprey Lodge whilst Dave Godwin and Elliot Lee shared Heron Lodge.

The week started slowly for them all (to be fair I think they were recovering from the weekend!), but picked up as they worked out where the Carp were feeding and the best presentation to use. Collectively they caught eight Carp and disappointingly lost a further 4.

Dave Godwin, on his first visit to Cherry Lakes, landed the largest of the week on Thursday night ,and became the third new member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club this year, with a Common of 31-00 from Heron Lodge. He also landed a cracking ‘Starbust Mirror’ of 23lb. His fishing partner, Elliot Lee, caught the rarest Carp of the week, a mint conditioned 9lb Common which can only be one of the home grown carp coming through. Elliot was gutted to lose a very big Carp close to the net and possibly missed out on his chance of a ‘thirty’.

Greg Pollock, who also did well on his visit to Cherry Lake last year, was the ‘top rod’ with 4 Carp landed including the 24-02 Mirror and 23-04 Common pictured below. he fished with organiser James Hine who landed several doubles to 19lb but who also lost a very big Carp close to the net. He has vowed to return, hopefully later this year after his honeymoon!

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