Dave Shaw with Cherry Mere's first 30+ of the year. A 30-04 Mirror

Dave Shaw starts the year with a bang!

His 30-04 is anew thirty for Cherry Mere
Monday 8 January 2024

I am pleased to report that we have finished the bulk of our major winter work and additional investment in Cherry Lakes.

We have now replaced all the balcony balustrades on the 4 original Lodges. All of our lakes have new systems now operational which constantly track the level of dissolved oxygen in the water. If the oxygen levels fall below a given level (approx. 40% saturation), the system automatically turns on a splash aerator as well as texting me. These systems should mean we do not have to have the oxygenators on as often saving electricity. Even if does not prove to be the case they should help me to sleep peacefully!

The new Kingfisher Lodge bivvy swim
The new Kingfisher Lodge bivvy swim

We have also completed the changes to the side of Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs, where a new swim which is designed for bivvies has been created. Whilst we can regularly accommodate three anglers in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere, we have not been able to on Cherry Springs, despite the lake being twice as big as Cherry Mere. This is principally because as a one bedroom Lodge, the sleeping arrangements for three male anglers do not normally work.

The new swim to the side of Kingfisher is big enough for a large bivvy, and close enough to benefit from the services and comforts of the Lodge, hence enabling us to now take bookings from parties of three anglers. It will be interesting to see how well used this new swim is?

Dave Shaw with a lovely 28lb Mirror from Pochard Lodge
Dave Shaw with a lovely 28-02 Mirror from Pochard Lodge

Whilst Cherry Lake certainly has a good track record of good winter catches, the smaller exclusive lakes have an even better one. This is in part due to the higher stocking density and in part due to the fact that it should be easier to work out where the Carp are holding up and feeding. If you want winter Carp action then Cherry Mere, Cherry Springs and Cherry Pool in this order would be my recommendation rather than Cherry Lake.

Dave and Sue Shaw decided to spend the first full week of the year in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. An inspired choice if the first few days are anything to go by! So far and they have another 3 days left, Dave has already landed 9 Carp including 3 x 20's and the lakes first thirty of the year, a Mirror of 30-04.

Dave's lovely wife Sue, takes a great photo as I am sure you can see here. Hence I have indulged myself by including photos of all of the 4 big Carp caught by Dave here.

The 30-04 Mirror, pictured in the lead photo, which was caught today (Monday) at c 14.00 did not appear in my 2023 30's catalogue for Cherry Mere. A new 30+ is a good way to start the year! I was almost as pleased as Dave!

Dave Shaw with a very nice Ghost Mirror of 21-12

The best looking Carp caught by Dave so far, to my eyes at least, is the 28-02 Mirror pictured two photos above. A real stunner this one in mint condition. Mind you I would not argue too much if you said that Dave's 21-12 Ghost Mirror was better!

With at least 3 full days of fishing to go, I hope to need to publish a 'part 2' report detailing further good Carp to be caught by Dave. So no pressure Dave!!

Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw with his biggest Common so far. This one weighed 20-06.
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