Dave takes advantage to land 5 Mirrors in a night!

Thursday 15 January 2015

Fishery manager Dave is taking advantage of the absence of paying guests on Cherry Lake. Fishing from Grebe Lodge he took advantage of good conditions and a quiet Lake to  land 5 Carp including these two Mirrors below of 23-08 and 22-04. Dave used Special Red tipped with a white piece of plastic corn to entice all the fish. It is interesting that it was the turn of some of the Mirror’s to feed after a batch of Common’s at the weekend.

Dave has said to me that he will take advantage of empty Lodges in the hope that he can pick up some of the thirties which have not been caught for some time. That is if I stop working him so hard!

The bigger Carp should be near their heaviest weights of the year, and in particular the ‘Broken Mirror’ which we think could com,e out at a new lake record weight of 37-08+.

If you fancy a few days mid week on Cherry Lake over the next month whilst it is quiet, please give us  a call and we will be as flexible as we can.

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