Dave’s carp is ‘lucky’!

Monday 27 April 2015

Our good friend Nathan popped down and had a great time in Grebe Lodge on Saturday night landing 5 Carp including this stunning heavily scaled Mirror of 26-04 along with a 24-02 Mirror.

Nathan took advantage of the droping atmospheric pressure and overnight rain to remind us ‘how it is done’. Rather cleverly he also chose to fish with our new ‘Cherry Black’ boilie. We have been steadily feeding the lake with these boilies over the last few weeks and they have clearly got a taste for them. Nathan’s fish came from ‘Dave’s Tree’, the Shallows and from a spot literally 10 yards out.

Fishery manager Dave Bowen also took advatage of the quiet conditions to sneak his rods in for a night last Thursday to land this ‘lucky’ 24lb Mirror. We say the fish was lucky because it was trailing a short length of leadless leader material. We are not sure how, but the barbless hook was still in the carp’s mouth but the leader was coming out through the gill plate! I am delighted to report that this Carp not only fought hard but also swam off strongly after we had removed the leader and hook and treated her.

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