David Reynolds lands 9 from Cherry Lake

Friday 11 May 2018

Long term regular guests and friends David and Julie Reynolds have been visiting this week and have taken full advantage of a quiet Cherry Lake. Staying in Grebe Lodge David managed to land 9 Carp, with 6 over twenty pounds to 28-06.

David fished the far margins, including some of Osprey’s water, using a small snowman set up. His biggest was a stunning 28-06 Mirror landed at 01.00 on Tuesday morning. As you can see it is not the best photo, but I thought it was worth including. His smallest was a 13lb beautiful Mirror. This is one of our ‘home bred and grown’ babies so I have included this as well.

David is still a little upset, as he lost his biggest Carp of the week. This was no fault of his own. During the fight the Carp picked up a broken line left by another angler. Unforgivably the weight was still on the line as it had been jammed on the swivel. This weight then got stuck in David’s top rod eye. The inevitable slackening of pressure on the line was all the Carp needed to complete it’s escape. Sorry David and very unlucky!

As David is already a member of the 30+ club, and the fact his biggest Cherry Lake Carp is such a stunner, by way of commiserating with him, I have re-run the photo of his 35-04 stunner from last year.I hope you like it.

The other lakes have all been fishing well with 20′s and plenty of fish being reported by the anglers on Cherry Springs, Cherry Mere and Cherry Pool.

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