Will Fenton. 31-04 R

David Wutz's lands The Scuff at 45-04

William Fenton smashes his PB with a kiss for a 31-04 Mirror
Thursday 14 September 2023

Lake record holder Liam Knight returned with his lovely partner Vicky this week and has been staying in Osprey Lodge. I am not sure why but Liam seems to get most of his action at night. My observation is that generally the days are much more productive (even allowing for longer days relative to shorter nights over the summer). This year's visit has followed the pattern of last year. So far (and he has the weekend to go) he has managed 4 runs, two of which unusually got cut off (I think the hooked Carp had dived down below a bar containing Swan Mussels), and has landed two. The smaller being an immaculate 16lb Common, the second being this fantastic fully scaled Mirror above of 39lb below.

Liam Knight. 39-00 R
Liam Knight with a stunning 39lb Fully Scaled Mirror

David Wutz spent a week fishing in the Cottage swim with his Dad Jeff. Conditions were not great for most of their stay (arriving with the heat wave in full blast!), but on Wednesday their fortunes changed when David had a run. After carefully playing what was obviously a big Carp, David was delighted, as you can see from the photo above, when a big Common slipped into the landing net. A quick call later and I was delighted to see that David had caught 'The Scuff' at 45-04. David's successful tactics were fishing a wafter over a bait boat load of Hempseed, Pellet and Sweetcorn.

This was exactly the same weight as when caught earlier this year in May when Tom Hughes landed her. Having recovered to her pre-spawning weight, I would expect her to put on a few more pounds before next June. Let's hope so!

David Wutz was absolutely delighted with catching 'The Scuff' at 45-04 from the Cottage swim.

Chris Rowland arrived on Monday for his first visit to Cherry Lakes staying in Heron Lodge on Cherry Lake. He had a fast start landing three Carp by Wednesday morning, including two thirties. The biggest being this 32-04 Common pictured below. We both thought he had cracked it! However the lake got it's own back because that was it for him. He left on Friday having enjoyed his mid-week stay promising to return!

We continue to have a vacancy for Cherry Lake for 25-29 September, and unusually have Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere available for Monday 09-Friday 13 October. If you fancy one of these please call on 01285 869887

Chris Rowland. 32-04 R
Chris Rowland with the biggest of two thirties on his first trip. A 32-04 Common from Heron Lodge

One of my long term friends, I used to work with Brian Willis in several past 'working lives', returned this week to Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. He did very well and was the week's most prolific angler. He landed 19 Carp including two 23lb+. Brian caught all these principally from the middle as he does not use a bait boat. Sorry no photos.

Brian just pipped the Fenton family, who shared 18 Carp between them this week. Mum Ruth, and sons Jack and William are all keen anglers. They have to be, given they travel all the way from Northern Ireland to visit Cherry Lakes! They caught some real crackers during their stay and sent me a lot of photos.

Ruth Fenton. 23 R
Ruth Fenton broke her personal best with this 23-02 Cherry Mere Mirror.

Mum Ruth was quickest out of the blocks and had laid claim to the biggest Carp of the week, with this 23-02 Mirror, until Thursday. Unfortunately for elder brother Jack, he was in the shower when his rod roared off allowing William to do the business. After a long fight, Jack emerged just in time to land a big Mirror for William. William had smashed his PB with the 31-04 Mirror pictured in the lead photo above.

I have to say Jack was very philosophical about it. Me........I would have been gutted. Not least because I would expect my younger brother to wind me up until at least their next visit!

Jack had some good Carp, and to complete the set of family 'mug shots', I could not resist including this fantastic Mirror below.

The Fenton's have already re-booked for next year when they will be staying for a full week.

Very well done to all the anglers featured above.

Jack Fenton. 21-04 R
Jack Fenton with a stunning well presented Cherry Mere Mirror of 21-04
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