Derek’s amazing 36lb Mirror!

Sunday 17 June 2018

I though I was going to base this weekend’s update on Richard Mascall’s exploits in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs where he has caught 18 Carp already this weekend including two 20′s. Given he has just been trumped by the capture below, and I have not got his photos yet, I will save his story until tomorrow.

John Brinkley and Derek Skingley have been fishing from the Cottage swim this weekend on their first visit to Cherry Lake. John is the experienced Carp angler who has taken Derek under his wing. So far this weekend John is top rod on Cherry Lake with four Carp landed. Under his tuition Derek had caught one, a 19lb Mirror which he was very happy with as it set a new PB for him.

Derek has just landed his second Carp of the weekend and smashed his PB. In fact he has also just beaten John’s UK PB, with a fantastic Mirror of 36lb! Sometimes life is not fair John! Cherry Lakes Dairy-Cream boilies topped with a small white pop-up fished along the right hand margin was the successful tactic.

I never cease to be amazed how many times new anglers to Cherry Lake seem to catch the bigger fish. It is also more amazing, and clearly pure luck, that the inexperienced angler catches the bigger fish (my son, who only used to go fishing with me under sufferance always caught the bigger fish….both Carp and Pike!).

All I can say to Derek is very well done. Welcome to the 30+ club as our 94th member and wear your 35+ club sweatshirt with pride, and to commiserate with John who will hopefully catch an even bigger one from Cherry Lake in future. In truth I am sure it was a team effort and that Derek would not have caught without John’s guidance.

All the other anglers on Cherry Lake have caught so far this weekend and have shared five twenties to 28lb between them. Mark Worsley in Osprey Lodge has had a brace of Commons. A 22lb and this attractive 28lb Common below. There is also still one night to go!

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