Early Christmas presents at Cherry Lakes

Friday 16 December 2016

After a very quiet and cold few weeks, I was very pleased to see a few anglers on the lakes this week, particularly as their visits coincided with a sustained mild spell.

With the lake temperatures crashing in late November, when the lakes froze very early (the first time in November since 2010), the fish have inevitably been inactive for a few weeks. In fact at times, if we did not know better, you could have been convinced that we did not have any carp in the lakes! Fortunately, this mild spell has now gone on for a week and has been long enough for the carp to respond, with all anglers this week catching. Given the absence of strong winds, a strong warm southerly in winter quickly ‘warms’ the water through the under-tow that it creates, this spell has been long enough to have the same impact.

Colin Stoll landed the biggest of the week and was delighted with the 20lb and 15lb Mirrors pictured below. He also caught a number of the smaller home grown carp which also helped keep the indicators active during his stay in Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere.

Mark Hopkins and his partner were on their first visit to Cherry Lakes and chose to stay in Egret Lodge on Cherry Pool. Cherry Pool, alongside Cherry Springs, is our most consistent winter water and Mark and Kim were not disappointed. Indeed they very much enjoyed their stay and were delighted, as you can see in the photo below, with Mark’s new PB, a 14lb Ghost Mirror.

We had a couple of friends pop-in to see if the Cherry Lake fish had also woken up. I am also very pleased to say that they both landed one of the recently stocked fish around 13lb, which appear to be settling down well, and disappointingly lost a bigger fish each.

If you fancy a winter visit to Cherry Lakes give us a call on 01285 869887 as we have plenty of spaces including over the New Year period. Whilst i cannot guarantee that you will catch, I can guarantee that the ‘bivvy’ (Lodge) will be warm, cosy and inviting!

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