Early Xmas presents on Cherry Lake!

Thursday 17 December 2015

Steve Townsend took advantage of this amazing December weather to pop down to Cherry Lakes this week and chance his arm in Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake. He now thinks I am ‘Santa Claus’ because he ‘got’ three cracking presents!

Steve was very pleased to land three good looking Carp, which all looked splendid in their winter colours. His first capture was the stunning Ghost Mirror below at 27-06. As some of you know, I absolutely love ‘Ghosties’ and it was a real pleasure to photo this particular fish as she has not been out for quite a while. This is one of several big Ghost Mirrors (her bigger sister was last out at 30lb+ to Ken O’Connor in May)  in Cherry Lake.

Steve followed the Ghostie up with this cracking classic looking fully scaled Mirror at 20-02 below before finishing with this lovely Leather looking Mirror of 26-04. All are pictured below. A combination of Sweetcorn and Maggots did the trick for Steve.

I would say that it is a real treat and accomplishment for an angler to get three Carp of this quality (27-06, 26-04 and 20-02) from Cherry Lake at any time of the year, let alone in the middle of December! Really well done Steve!

Colin Reason, who was staying on Cherry Lake in Heron Lodge for the first time, also managed to catch two Carp, this time a little smaller at 16lb and 14lb. Colin, who caught these after ‘pinching’ some of fishery manager Dave’s pink bubble-gum pop ups, was delighted with these fish as he said they were real beauties.

Xmas presents all around!!

Steve Townsend with a delightful 27-06 Ghost Mirror from Osprey Lodge. Absolutely fantastic in her winter colours.

Steven Townsend was very happy with this fantastic classic 20-02 Mirror

Steve with another beautiful Carp. This time a very Leathery Mirror Carp of 26-04

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