‘Easter Carpies’ and late availability deals

Monday 6 April 2015

The Carp on Cherry Lake are now starting to move on Cherry Lake as we have at last finally got some warmer weather. The cold gales of last week knocked the Carp back by a few days as the strength of the NW wind seemed to super-chill the lake. I am pleased to say that the anglers in all three of the Cherry Lake Lodges caught, with all reporting fish above 20lb to 23-07.

Aaron Bailey in Heron Lodge caught three including two Mirrors above 20lb including this 21-07 Carp below. Paul Blake in Osprey Lodge landed four including a 23-07 Mirror and this Common of 19lb below as well as losing a big one near the net (I know because I was standing there waiting to net it for him!).

Steven Sands in Grebe caught a good looking Fully Scales Mirror of 21-07. This particular fish was still partially covered by the heavy winter slime which is often seen on Carp after long periods of inactivity. Given the significant increase in the amount of Carp jumping, I think it is safe to say that a lot of the Carp are waking up ( I think they are jumping and rolling to clean themselves of this slime and any other parasites acquired during their period of dormancy).

With the weather looking good for at least the next week I fully expect the big Carp to get on the feed.It is a shame that not many anglers will be here to potentially land one as Cherery Lake is exceptionally quiet for next weekend Friday 10-13 April and the following week Monday 13-17 April. As I am so keen to see one of the big 30′s we are offering good last minute booking deals for these dates. Please call 07545 495881 if you are interested.

Cherry Mere produced some 15 Carp To Marianne and Nicholas Cole in Pochard Lodge, including Marianne’s first UK 20lb Carp.

Cherry Springs saw some 14 Carp to 14-08 landed by Tommy Francis in Kingfisher Lodge whilst Andrew and Viv Grimer in Egret Lodge caught 10 Carp to 17lb and a lot of bream to 6-12. They have already re-booked for next year!

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