Oakley getting wet!

Easter vacancies available

Plenty of beautiful Carp and PB's to be caught
Sunday 5 March 2023

Judith and I have just returned form a late winter break. It is clear that we have not missed much. A very quiet Cherry Lakes from a booking perspective and horrible cold weather means I do not have a lot to report.

With Easter rapidly approaching (07-10 April), I was somewhat surprised to realise that we have two prime Lodges still available for Easter weekend. I am sure they will go, but I will confess to not being able to remember if we have had availability this close to Easter before, particularly for Pochard Lodge?

So I thought it might be helpful to list those Lodges currently available for you .........

Friday 07 to Monday 10 April (Easter Weekend).- Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake and Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs

Friday 14 to Monday 17 April. Pochard Lodge on Cherry Mere. Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs. Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake

Availability can be also checked through this link https://www.cherrylakes.co.uk/availability/

Please call me on 01285 869887 or email to nfo@cherrylakes.co.uk if you want to book.

James Morris with a fantastic 33-08 Fully Scaled Mirror caught last March

In the absence of any new photos, I thought I would pick out several of the Carp caught in late March/early April last year. These Carp certainly whet my appetite even if they don't whet yours!

The lead photo above is of (the then) 15 year old Oakley Thorne smashing his PB last April with this 36-02 Common and being water binned in the traditional PB celebrating fashion!

Immediately above is one of my favourite photos of last year. James Morris landed this stunning Fully Scaled Mirror of 33-08 late last March. What a beauty!

Wayne Chawner extended his PB again with this 39-08 Mirror from Heron Lodge
Wayne Chawner with a 39-08 Mirror caught on 06 April last year

Wayne Chawner had a fantastic trip last year when he smashed his PB twice in 4 hours on April 6th. His 39-08 Mirror above is definitely one of the Carp which we expect to comfortably exceed the 40lb mark this year. It would also not surprise us if the 38-04 Mirror below also did so!

I look forward to updating you about this year's March and April captures!

Wayne Chawner smashed his PB, with this chunky Mirror of 38-04
Wayne Chawner with his second PB in one trip! A 38-04 Mirror
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