Five hours and 3 PB’s for James Tunbridge!

Wednesday 13 June 2018

The Carp have had another go at spawning during Sunday and Monday on both Cherry Lake and Cherry Springs. Just as in May, no sooner had they got going then the weather changed and all activity has since stopped. Indeed since yesterday the Carp have got back on the feed.

I think we are now in the position where most of the Carp have spawned, but a few females…especially the bigger ones on Cherry Lake…have not. If I am right, I hope we get some good weather soon and they can finish spawning before they become too stressed.

I am pleased to say (and it is only Wednesday) that all the anglers on Cherry Lake have caught this week. Returning guest James Tunbridge has been staying in Osprey Lodge on Cherry Lake had a quiet time up until 03.00 this morning. The Carp switched from thinking about ‘nookey’ to thinking about food. He then had a run of three Carp in five hours, all of which beat his previous UK PB’s.

His first fish was a lovely Ghost Mirror of 29-01 pictured below. This was followed at 07.00 by a solidly built Mirror of 27-03 (see below) before landing his new PB at 08.00. The 32-09 Mirror pictured below is James’s entrance into the Cherry Lake 30+ club. He is our 92nd member and is automatically entered into the free holiday prize draw for those anglers lucky enough to catch a 30+ Carp from Cherry Lake.

This good looking Mirror is also the 11th Carp over 30lb from Cherry Lake in 2018. As far as I can tell, this Mirror has not been out since late April 2017 when she was caught at 30-08. There are plenty more which we have not seen yet! I am hoping we will see some more of our other thirties soon!

Successful tactics for James has been to bait consistently with our Spod mix and boilies and vary bait presentations over the baited areas. All three Carp came from the middle area of his swim.

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