Gary Owen 35lb

Gary Owen lands a 35-09 Ghost Mirror

This is his second Cherry Lake Carp over 35lb+
Saturday 16 March 2019

Gary Owen is one of a very few of our guests who already has in his possession both a 30+ club polo shirt as well as a 35+ hoody. Gary has been visiting this weekend and has been staying in Grebe Lodge. His patient confident style obviously ‘woos’ the Cherry Lake Carp as you can see below.

As you can see below he has started his most recent visit very well. He landed the second thirty of the year (and the first over 35lb) when he landed this fantastic Ghost Mirror of 35-09 pictured below. This is also the second Ghost Carp over 30lb this year following Leon Sprague’s Ghost Common of 32-13 which was caught last weekend. It is also Gary’s second 35lb+ Carp from Cherry Lake.

It is interesting that two of the 6-7 Ghost Carp over 30lb in Cherry Lake have already been landed this year, when none of the other 25 Mirror and Common Carp over 30lb+ have been caught yet. The Ghosties are clearly amongst the first of the bigger Carp to get on the feed and make a mistake. I am not very good at statistics, but I do wonder what the odds of this are…..particularly if the next 30+ is another Ghostie?

Gary also landed a 26-04 Mirror. Successful tactics has been to fish at the bottom of the shelf surrounding the ‘wall’ which creates the shallows. With a strong wind blowing down the lake into the car park end, it appears that the Carp are preferring to stay just off the shallows rather than getting on them, Well done Gary….let’s see if you can catch any more!

I am hoping that the new Cherry Lakes website will go live sometime next week. If so, I think this is a great fish to ‘see off’ the old website. Watch this space!

If you fancy a chance of getting amongst some of these fabulous Carp, please give us a call on 01285 869887

Gary showing his first Carp was no fluke. A 26-04 Mirror from Grebe Lodge.
Gary showing that the Ghostie was not a fluke! Here with a 26-04 Cherry Lake Mirror
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