Geoff Smith joins the 30+ club. Mia is pleased with her Dad!

Sunday 5 June 2016

Geoff Smith who was taking his first holiday break at Cherry Lakes,  led the way in Grebe Lodge on Cherry Lake this week and took full advantage of the conditions to land 7 Carp. Of these at least 4 were twenties including his PB Ghost Common of 22-08 below. Geoff, who is clearly a very experienced angler and claims to be ‘old school’, fished hard up to several margin positions and caught steadily throughout his stay.

He also became the latest member of the Cherry Lakes 30+ club, when he landed the Big Common at 39-04 at 01.00 AM on Thursday night. This set a new UK PB for Geoff and he was very pleased to do so. Amazingly, this is the second time in a week that the Big Common has been caught. She is obviously feeding hard and enjoying ‘her boilies’.

Stephen Clark, who enjoyed a week’s holiday with his family in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs landed some 26 Carp during his stay. Interestingly, he caught steadily throughout the week until the last 36 hours when the lake went dead. I am almost always at a loss to explain why this happens particularly when the conditions appear reasonable?

Stephen’s biggest fish was this 21-04 Mirror below. His daughter Mia, who also loved being at Cherry Lakes, is clearly proud of her Dad and looks like she enjoyed sharing the limelight. I always love these family photos!

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