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A good week across Cherry Lakes

Cherry Mere produces it's 3rd 30+ of the year
Thursday 13 May 2021

With the arrival of warmer air, albeit with plenty of rain in it, the fishing has picked up over the last week across the complex. The water temperature on Cherry Lake has now inched up to 14C.

For a change I will start with the smaller lakes where some lovely Carp have been getting themselves caught. Dave Horney celebrated his 40th birthday (a little late due to Covid delaying the 'on the day' visit) on Cherry Mere in style with his good friend Bill Gisbourne in Pochard Lodge. Whilst Bill set a PB with a 20lb+ Carp, it was the 'birthday boy' who had 'that little bit more style'! Fishing along the left hand (West) bank towards the corner, Dave caught two real crackers. He can be seen holding our 3rd different 30 of 2021 from Cherry Mere in the lead photo above. This Mirror came in at 31-02 and made him the 205th Cherry Lakes 30+ club member.

Dave followed this up with one of my favourite Carp across the complex, when he landed this tremendous Ghost Common at 26-02. Dave did call me to say that he had this Ghostie in the net, but I was unable to get there. I have since been kicking myself as it I would have loved to have seen her in the flesh. For a clearer photo, this lovely lady is the lead photo of the 'Fishing on Cherry Mere' page of the website. Two nice belated birthday surprises!

Dave Horney with a stunning 26-02 Ghost Common from Cherry Mere
Dave Horney with a stunning 26-02 Ghost Common from Cherry Mere

Now I have thought Cherry Springs has been moody for much of the last year or two I am slowly reaching a view (but not yet a conclusion), that the Carp in here are less predictable than say those in Cherry Mere. They certainly seem harder to catch. I guess that a similar Carp population (300+) in twicer the area of water is going to be a bit more challenging? Certainly anglers who do catch are having to apply themselves. Rarely is it simply a case of turning up, casting out and hauling!

Last year I thought part of the variability was down to a Roach explosion possibly impacting water quality (not that this showed up when the water was tested). Last winter we had professional newsmen remove most of the Roach. We also siltexed the lake. I had hoped that this would improve the predictability of the Carp fishing, so it is more like it says 'on the tin'. So far the fishing has remained moody. Of course it might also be simply down to the cold Spring or the anglers! Time will tell.

Things however might be picking up on Cherry Springs a bit as the water warms. Richard Baker has been staying in Kingfisher Lodge on Cherry Springs this week. He followed in Danny and Angela Muswell who managed 5 Carp to 19lb following Saturday's 'monsoon'. By Thursday Richard had landed 8 Carp, including three 20's. This 'woodcarving' below at 21-10 being the most impressive of them. Interestingly most of Richard's carp came from pop-ups away from the more heavily baited area.

Richard Baker with his 'wood-carving' from Cherry Springs. 21-10.
Richard Baker with his 'wood-carving' from Cherry Springs. A 21-10 Mirror.

The anglers on Cherry Lake this week have so far shared 9 Carp with a couple of losses. The biggest Carp being this 36-04 Mirror caught by Aaron Hull from Heron Lodge. A new PB for Andrew who was on his first visit to Cherry Lakes. This Carp was obviously carrying spawn and has put on nearly 2lb since she was caught by in April. So far I have seen only a few of the Carp who look like they are gearing up to spawn. Like many of the plants, the cold spring has put them behind their normal schedules.

Andrew Durrant with his new PB, a 36-04 Mirror from Heron Lodge
Andrew Durrant with his new PB, a 36-04 Mirror from Heron Lodge

We have also had several other 30's caught since my last update. Aaron and Charlotte Hull started their session in the Cottage on Monday with a real bang. They had a 35lb and 33lb Carp on at the same time within two hours of arriving. Great but stressful. Unfortunately in the excitement they forgot to give me a call (or knock on the door as they were in the Cottage) and the photos taken were not great. I have included Charlotte's below, as it was her PB at 35lb. Fortunately (for me) the one side they did photo was easy to use to identify. Amazingly the last time that this fish appears in my catalogue is May 2019 when Roger Sparks caught it at 32-04. the fourth Carp to 'miss' last years catalogue in favour of this years!

Charlotte Hull with her PB. A 35lb carp caught from the Cottage swim.
Charlotte Hull with her PB. A 35lb Mirror caught from the Cottage swim.

Long term regular Neil Ash visited last weekend. Neil has caught some 4 different Carp at 29lb+. I was delighted for him on Sunday when he at last joined the 30+ club (the total of which given the above now stands at 209) when he landed this 30-12 Common below. Well done top all the above and especially to Neil for deservedly getting his Cherry Lake 30!

Neil Ash with his 30-12 Common from Osprey Lodge.
Neil Ash with his 30-12 Common from Osprey Lodge.
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