Holiday snaps from the Eastern Front!

Saturday 19 November 2016

I have had several of our regular guests contact me asking why I have gone so quiet on the update front. The short answer is that I have been on holiday and fishing has been generally slow and Cherry Lakes quiet over the last few weeks. All quiet as they say on the ‘Western Front’.

Judging from the reports from Dave, the weather has turned cold over the last few weeks and when we opened the curtains this morning having arrived home in the dark, it was a surprise to see frost on the ground and the trees largely stripped of their leaves. It was not like this in Thailand!

if you don’t mind, I thought I would indulge myself with a few of my own holiday snaps from the ‘Eastern Front’, as I do not have any photos of the fish that have been caught recently (the biggest I understand was a 22-08 from Cherry Mere). On this trip I spent three individual days at Jurassic Mountain, an impressively run holiday fishing venue of  4.5 acres outside of Hua Hin. Three days of ‘critical research’ was all I could convince Judith to let me have (she stayed at the hotel by the pool)!

I very much enjoyed my few days with Edy and Jules who run this impressive fishery. I was ably assisted by the bailiffs George and Anthony. Over the three days I caught some 30 fish, including Indian carp to 35lb, Siamese Carp to 45lb and 2 lovely (and new for me) Tambaqui’s to 30lb. As normal I targeted the Carp (I was  a little disappointed not to beat my PB of 60lb which was my target for the trip) and was delighted, if not over-whelmed by the action ( a few fish a day is fine for me….especially when it was so hot). Unfortunately for me, the smaller Carp were very active and seem to ‘out muscle’ the bigger fish as far as my baits were concerned.

I have included below a few photos for you. The Tambaquis are now a real favourite of mine. These fish give amazing runs (the rods were almost pulled off the rests despite the bait runner being engaged) and are very different to look at. These fish naturally originate in South America and are related to Piranhas. This becomes more obvious when you see the teeth in their mouth! I had not previously caught Indian Carp, which do not grow as big as their Siamese Carp cousins. Evidently a c.35lb Indian is a good specimen.

I have also enclosed a shot of a Monitor Lizard which ‘appeared’ from under my shelter to steal one of the bait fish. It certainly made me jump! A crafty fisherman this one! I hope you like these photos? As I say above I appreciate that showing these photos is a little indulgent. So if you don’t, please forgive me.

Cherry Lakes is very quiet in the run up tp Christmas. If you fancy a late break give me a call. I am keen to post some photos of Cherry Lakes guests holding some of our fish!

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